The Princess Bride Scwamble Game

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This brand new very high quality Deluxe Princess Bride Scwamble Game is certain to become an exciting favorite, as fans can display their astute knowledge of a highly popular word–speak all its own. Words in addition to those in the dictionary like mawage, togeder, and foweva, as well as iconic phrases such as "Tru Wuv" (and more) are all part of the challenging fun. You’re sure to luv it.

Stylized Box includes a large Game Board (20" x 20"), Wooden Letter Tiles (including those in color of your favorite characters, which can substitute for any letter), four Wooden Letter Racks, Velvet–like Bag for tiles, and Instructions for your playing pweasure. You’ll luv it.

Game board: 20" x 20"
Number of Players: 2–4
Recommended Ages: 8 and up